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We will be offering gift wrapping for Christmas. Details are as follows...

You bring in the wrapping paper of your choice and items, leave them with Kim and she will wrap them for a fee. Prices to follow at a later time. Any questions ask Kim.

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The many packages you shipped for members of the Rumer family-to Idaha, PA, Oregon, & CA-have arrived safely(as you knew they would), and I )Susan Rumer Billin-1st kid of 4-Barb, Dick, Roger) have recently returned from the east to receive the packages which were shipped to my son in Pullman, WA. Everything arrived. It was splendidly packed(I have never seen a better job of packing)-you are AWESOME at what you do!(as you promised) and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Please pass this on to the staff at Pak & Ship.

Susan Rumer Billin (Idaho daughter)

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Print off this page and bring in to us for 10% off Fedex Shipping!!

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